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Vitamin A is important for the proper growth and differentiation of tissues in various organs, in particular the eyes. She also keeps her mouth, nose, eyes and stomach healthy.

Vitamin D is actually a hormone with receptors throughout the body. In total, this substance has the ability to positively affect almost 2 thousand genes in the body. The lack of vitamin D is closely related to diseases that generate the most debates today, such as cancer and depression. The body cannot receive ready-made vitamin D from food.

To produce vitamin D, the skin needs daily contact with the sun’s rays. Due to constant warnings about the harmful effects of sunbathing, less and less people are exposed to its rays and, therefore, vitamin D rates are decreasing.

Vitamin E has as its main and best known function the antioxidant action, with α-tocopherol being the most potent in this regard. She is important in delaying aging and even preventing serious illnesses such as cancer, cardiovascular problems, diabetes, cataracts and Parkinson’s.

Vitamin K2 is essential for healthy bone formation and repair; it is part of the synthesis of osteocalcin, the protein in bone tissue used in the crystallization of calcium. As vitamin K helps build bones, it also inhibits the calcification of blood vessels. This “calcium transport” function thus removes calcium deposits from the vessels where it is not needed, and working together with vitamin D, increases calcium deposits in the bones where calcium is most needed. Vitamin K also plays an important role in the intestines, helping to convert glucose into glycogen for storage in the liver. Vitamin K2 has been shown to prevent bone loss, reduce the incidence of vertebral fractures, and modestly increase bone density in a postmenopausal cohort, primarily by improving bone microarchitecture and bone mineral/matrix ratio and preserving bone quality.


As mentioned, minerals are important nutrients for the formation of structures and functioning of the organism in several areas, helping in the general maintenance of bones and muscles, as well as in the proper activities of the brain and the heart.


– They help neutralize the action of free radicals and prevent oxidative stress.

– Offer anti-inflammatory effects.

– Contribute to maintaining skin health and cell rejuvenation.

– They help protect the skin from sun damage.

– Contribute to the prevention of heart disease.

Anthocyanin helps keep immunity strengthened and the organism more protected. In addition, it makes it difficult for inflammation to harm the body.

In summary, inflammatory diseases can affect the most diverse organs, including the intestine and the skin (causing the appearance of acne).

Tannins offer several health benefits!

Polyphenols act as antioxidants in the body, helping to increase levels of good cholesterol, HDL, and decrease levels of bad cholesterol, LDL, protecting the heart.

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